How to reduce load on Server in Linux Using Commands

If you are looking for some tips for Reducing Server Load and Saving Bandwidth they try to make use these techniques as we also successfully able to get desired results in past.

How to check load on server using top command

Using top command we can check the load on server.
    [root@abc ~] # top
   In above figure, 37.00 is the last minute load, 40.04 is last 5 minutes load and 70.00 is the last 15 minutes load on server.

How to reduce load on Server

Follow the steps to reduce load on server.
1. Use following command to check HTTP connections on server.
    [root@trgs ~]# netstat -antupl | grep http
    If there are number of HTTP connections then follow the further steps.

2. Use following command to kill HTTP connections.
     [root@ter ~]# killall -9 httpd

3. Restart httpd service.
    [root@cna ~]# /etc/init.d/httpd restart
then check again, load should be normal.

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